Keep Safe On The Go

Our award-winning mobile app is designed with your safety in mind.

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Safety at your side

Get real-time notifications from official sources to know what's ahead and plan your next move. Reach Emergency Services wherever you are.

Getting a route is easy

Tell us where you're going from A to B or choose from one of your favourite locations. Walking and public transit routes are rated by people like you so you are shown the best way.

Keep your inner circle safe

Share any incident, where and when they happen on the app to protect your friends and the people around you on Whatsapp, Messenger, SMS, Twitter or preferred social media.


"This is such a brilliant idea and it makes navigating London feel safe."

"Unique app with a fantastic cause- since downloading I feel that I’m able to contribute making my city a safer place for all, that my voice is heard for others to see. Highly recommended!!"

"Fantastic app. Focus on being extremely user friendly and ensuring I manage my commute home in a safe and timely manner."